Our Parties & Food Challenges

Little Chef's Pizza Party

Little Chef's Pizza Party

Little Chef's Pizza Party


4 years old - 2nd grade - $165.00

 Kids start with a chef hat project. Then they will enter the kitchen dressed as "chef's" to roll out their own dough & top individual pizzas.

Each child will receive their own pizza sticker kit to put together as pizzas are baking.

They enjoy their pizza here and we provide take home containers for any left overs.
Each child will take home the rolling pin, chef hat, apron and sticker activity.

Cupcake OR Cake Challenge

Little Chef's Pizza Party

Little Chef's Pizza Party


Ages 8 - 108 - $250.00

Teams of 2 (determined by drawing numbers) bake cupcakes or individual cakes.

Each guest will decorate their cupcakes or cakes using the 2 frosting colors that the guest of honor chose.

This is a timed event if the party is a challenge and will be judged.

Each guest will present their best creation to the judge (if a challenge)

Just like the famous TV show, you never know if there will be any "surprises" to overcome!

Always expect the unexpected!

Decorating Challenge

Little Chef's Pizza Party

Snack Attack Challenge


Ages 8 - 108 - $225.00

 The guest of honor chooses one of the following: mini single layer cake or cupcakes and 2 frosting colors.

All guests will have their own frosting  and decorating supplies to create their own masterpieces.

If a challenge, it is a timed event and they will present their best creation to the judge.

*If a challenge, expect the unexpected!
You may have to figure out how to deal with a "surprise" or two.

Snack Attack Challenge

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class

Snack Attack Challenge


Ages 10 - 110 - $265.00

Expect the unexpected! Just like the famous TV Show, you never know what is coming next!

Within the time given, guests have to gather ingredients and supplies and complete a snack from only the ingredients provided to enjoy or to present to the judge. 

There may be a few surprises to overcome! 

You will enjoy your snack and take home all left overs.

Food Fight Challenge

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class


Ages 12 - 112 - $300.00

Most popular among our adult crowd but any age has a blast with this party. We customize ingredients to each party so they are very age appropriate.

Guests have to think up their own recipe from a list of available foods (we provide) and write it down step by step on recipe cards.

Each meal has to have:

1 protein

1 veggie

1 starch

They present their finished meal to the judge (if a challenge)

Always be on your toes. You never know what curve ball will be thrown to you!

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class

NEW!! DELUXE Cake Decorating Class


Ages 13 - 17 - $450.00

 This class can be a party or just a fun thing to do with friends!

A full cake baking/cake decorating class with Ms. Gina. 

Each guest will make their own 2 layer cake and with step by step instruction, decorate it using different decorating techniques that they will learn during the class.

(Allow 3 hours for this class)

We need at least 21 days advance notice to book this party.

NEW!!! DELUXE Harry Potter Cooking Class Party

Cost - $450.00 without favors & $500.00 with favors / minimum of 8-max of 10  (Ages 9 - ADULT)

This Harry Potter theme party is between 2- 2 1/2 hours of wizardry fun!

The party fun begins with a test of your "potter Knowledge" in our trivia game. We will solve a few puzzles and even cast a few spells.

Guests then enter the kitchen to participate in a very hands-on cooking class that will feature at least 4 of the food mentioned in the fabulous books! Guests will enjoy their meal that they made here and take home any left overs.

Each guest even goes home with a gift bag that we provide! (If you choose)

Contact us for specific details about this party.

**Available NOW for Spring bookings and beyond.

(we need at least 21 days in advance to book this party)

Party / Challenge Information

 All of our parties/challenges include:

*Set up & Clean up

*All ingredients, supplies & materials needed to complete any task that is included

*Kitchen instruction and supervision
*Trophy and ribbons IF a challenge

*Take home containers for any left overs

*Disposable aprons for each guest

*Plates & Napkins for food that is part of the party

What YOU provide:


*Plates, Napkins, Forks, Cups for any food that is NOT part of the party


*Any other food, snack, cake that isn't part of the challenge

*Craft or game to fill in time (if necessary)

*Anything you wish to make your party/event personal

For any of the challenge parties above, there may be a secret ingredient added, a ingredient or utensil taken away. Winning cooking theme trivia or physical challenges may provide you or your team with a slight advantage...you just never really know!

Booking a party/challenge

 Theme parties are offered on Friday evenings or Saturday's only.  

IF the kitchen is available, we can offer a party during the week after 4 pm.

A signed Theme Party Agreement and a NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to block your date.

Balance is due at your event.

Prices above are for 8 - 10 guests only. Additional guests (available at select parties only) will be at an additional cost per guest over 10.

We will email the Theme party Agreement when you contact us to request your theme party information sheet. 

 All of our parties require at least 8 participants and have a maximum of 10 


Each guest MUST have a signed wavier to participate in select parties. 

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign for you. 

 Please contact us to request a detailed theme party information sheet for the party that you are interested in. The contents on this page is for information purposes only. Complete inclusions will be available on the information sheet you request.