On My Own Cooking Class

High School SENIORS only

This class is designed for seniors going off to college or for the Senior entering the workforce. Everyone needs to eat! We will teach very basic, no cooking required recipes and cooking techniques that will allow them to create health-conscious meals. & snacks.

AND how to stretch food while on a budget.

Our hope is to teach them how to prepare a weeks worth of lunches, snacks and even breakfasts to toss in their backpack or lunch bag and eat on the go! 

We hope this limits the stops at the drive-thru and the sugary snacks that give them "fake energy."

Food to Feed their Brain and Budget!

Date for 2020 coming soon

Cost is $115.00 per student

A registration form and a medical release is required. 

(They can be downloaded from the REGISTRATION page)

Class min. 6 / class max. 10

REGISTER ASAP. This class fills up quick.