Keeping it REAL! Cooking REAL! MOVE!

So what IS Keeping it REAL! Cooking REAL! MOVE!

This is a healthy eating program based on the knowledge I gained from a doctor/weight loss specialist, while on my own weight loss journey. I cannot give you medical advise. In fact I urge you to consult with your doctor before starting any program.I can only share what I did, didn't do, what worked for me, what didn't and maybe motivate you and give you tips along the way. At the very least, get you thinking about what you eat and your eating habbits and let you know that you aren't alone no matter what your motivation is! 

The program has 3 parts in one 3 hour session.

Keeping it REAL! A workshop setting teaching you how the program works, how to begin, how to set up your pantry, how to plan meals for the day/week, informational handouts, tips, recipes, motivation and so much more. You will receive your personal folder filled with information.

Cooking REAL!This is a hands-on cooking class that will teach you how to cook using real food within the program. We will make 2-3 recipes per class that will vary from main courses, sides, salads to appetizers & snacks and even desserts.You will enjoy the meal you make here and take home any leftovers. Each guest will go home will all recipes and any information discussed.

MOVE! -  (This is NOT a physical workout)It is a 1/2 hour talk at the end of the cooking class that will give you ideas on how to start moving without doing too much too fast. It is a realistic way to just start moving.  

Will I lose weight?

This is a healthy eating program designed to make you feel better! Losing weight, (if that is your goal) is just an added plus!  


Working on 2019 dates


$80.00 per person / per date

Includes: 3 hour session, folder containing handouts, recipes and information, all ingredients and supplies needed to cook, take home containers and so much more... 

How to register:

 You must register and pay prior to attending this class.Contact us to request a registration form.Payments for this class are non refundable. If your class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified by email, 3 days prior to your scheduled class. In this case only, you will have 2 choices:1) move to the next class 2) receive a refund 

 Maximum 10 guests / Minimum 6 guests 


 This program is based on a Low Carb diet